Weathering Dark Times Together

At Pearson’s/Pickup Gourmet, we believe that humanity shows its brightest light in the darkest times. Right now, we’re adapting the way we work to overcome the unique health, social, and financial threats posed by the covid-19 outbreak.

Our pickup and delivery options allow us to supply our customers with high-quality gourmet food that can be enjoyed in the comfort and safety of the home. The importance of families bonding over healthful meals has never been greater, and every dish is made with love from scratch by a team who adhere to stringent safety procedures.

We also understand that many families are struggling financially, and profit is not our priority at this time. That’s why we’re providing our services at the lowest price necessary to sustain our business. As an example, our current delivery fees are either at or below cost price, depending on the size of each order.

Sadly, we have been forced to decrease staff hours, but we have not laid anyone off, and we hope to retain our full complement of valued team members. We also continue to buy from our trusted US-based suppliers, helping them in turn to maintain their own staff numbers.

Placing an order with Pearson’s/Pickup Gourmet not only helps us keep our team employed, but also supports the many downstream businesses we rely on. On our behalf, and theirs, we thank you for your continued custom and support.

To Protect and Serve

We’re dedicated to making life feel a little more normal during these difficult times. But you can rest assured that safety is foremost in our minds. As such, we’ve applied some special precautions over and above the rigorous standards we always maintain

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